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Watershed StudioThis is a list of all the tutors coming to Watershed in 2017, their dates, course titles and brief descriptions. You can find examples of their work on the Gallery page and we have included, where possible, website addresses of the tutors so that you can see more examples of their work on line.

All courses cost £85 for one day or £160 for a two-day course. Single day back to back courses with the same tutor qualify for a £10 discount if booked together. Courses start at 10am and finish at 4.30pm unless otherwise stated. In most cases with a break for lunch at 12.30pm. Tea, coffee and herbal options etc are on tap throughout the day. Two courses are booked directly through the tutor and these are at the bottom of this page.

Deposits of £15/day need to be paid on booking with the final balance due a month before each course takes place but don't worry, reminders are generally sent out!

Vibrant Acrylics
with Hashim Akib

Hashim Akib

Sat 7th October
Vibrant Acrylics

Tailored to slightly more experienced painters, Extreme Acrylics will show you how to reach the full potential of this exciting medium. You will be stretched to the limit and you will begin to view paintings from a completely new perspective. Hash will guide you through with plenty of short demos and in-depth one to ones.

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Fast No Fuss Oils
with Jamel Akib

Jamal Akib

Saturday 10th & Sunday 12th June 2017
Fast No Fuss Oils

Cost: £160 including lunches, homemade cake and tea/coffee on tap

By implying rather than painstakingly rendering detail, the artist can trick the viewer’s eye.

During the weekend, we’ll aim to produce a number of pieces of art work quickly and without fuss. We will cover a huge range of subjects…. all those scenes you’ve since thought impossible.

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All Creatures Great and Small
with Marie Anthoniou

Marie Anthoniou

Sunday 8th October
All Creatures Great and Small – acrylics

In this workshop we will look at ways of capturing our most popular wildlife that resides in the English countryside. Using acrylic paint we will explore bold shapes, expressive brushstrokes and strong colour to depict our subject, creating a more contemporary approach to a traditional subject.

You will be guided every step of the way with plenty of one to ones and short demonstrations.

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Wind Workshops
with Anthony Bailey

Monday 13th March
Monday 10th July
Monday 13th November

In each one-day workshop Anthony will lead you in some solo and small ensemble pieces. You will learn about playing with other people and get feedback on your own choice of repertoire which you should bring with you. Max 12 students per course. Open to all abilities. Contact Allison for more details.

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Painting with Texture and Acrylics
with Carole Baker

Carole Baker

Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th May 2016
Painting with Texture and Acrylics

Cost £160 including lunches etc and tea/coffee on tap

The Studio will remain open on Wednesday evening should you wish to carry on painting.

Acrylic paint has become one of the most popular paint in use by artists today. Its quick drying time allows you to produce large amounts of work in a short amount of time.

In this workshop, we will set out with the clear intention of incorporating texture into our work - texture / modelling paste, tissue paper, sand - anything to give another dimension to our work to create exciting, expressive results! You will be encouraged to wander as far away from dependence upon subject matter as you wish, letting your imagination and creativity take over to create an emotional response.

You will be painting from your own inspiration. I want you to ‘feel’ the subject and it will help having you’re own reference.

From your selected reference, compositional and colour planning will be covered. Carole will work on a demonstration painting throughout each day however, this is not a demonstration led workshop – students will be encouraged to paint their own subject matter and attention will be given to each individual.

This 2-day workshop will give you time to develop compositional planning and ideas, analyse mark making and finishing off a painting.

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Plein Air Painting Techniques - Oil
with Roger Dellar

Roger Dellar

Sat 1st & Sun 2nd July
Plein Air Painting Techniques - Oil

Roger will start each day with a demonstration on various aspects of oil painting, en plein air followed by students working, with individual guidance, on their own paintings. Weather permitting we plan to use the ground around the studio and farm to paint outside.

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Expressive Seascapes in Mixed Media
with Robert Dutton

Robert Dutton

Tues 26th & Wed 27th September
Expressive Seascapes in Mixed Media

Day 1 watercolour and soft pastel techniques crashing waves, cliffs and rocks,
Day 2 beach textures using acrylic inks and soft pastel techniques

Each workshop, over this exciting painting weekend, will provide you with a great and unique opportunity to learn how to combine water media and acrylic inks with soft pastel to create rich, ‘free flowing’ and impressionistic paintings full of colour, atmosphere and light by both drawing and painting at the same time!

Using big brush techniques and a bold approach, these exciting workshops will teach you how to control large washes of colour in multiple layers of sumptuous colour whilst at the same time enjoying creative freedom with all the marks you create.

With regular demonstrations, one to one and group tuition throughout each day you will learn lots of different contemporary art techniques to help you really develop as artists.

Both workshops are suitable for improvers and artists with some painting experience as well as artists who want to loosen up their style and be more free and expressive.

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Catching the Colour - Large Watercolour Flowers
with Kay Elliott

Kay Elliott

Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th November
Catching the Colour - Large Watercolour Flowers

Flowers on a large scale have always fascinated Kay. Their colour, form and habit so different from each other. Kay will demonstrate for maybe 20 minutes on the first morning, also showing her work and chatting about her watercolour journey since she started painting professionally. After that comes the start of the scary fun part as you decide on your flower composition and get drawing and painting, or just painting if you prefer. There will be further demonstrations as you require. Kay is encouraging, supportive and will give one to one tuition throughout the course. She actually rarely sits down!!

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Seas and Skies & The English Landscape in Watercolour & East Anglian Villages in Acrylics & Mountain Scenes in Acrylics
with Charles Evans

Charles Evans

Tues 25th April
Seas and Skies in Watercolour

Wed 26th April
The English Landscape in Watercolour

Charles will be demonstrating throughout each day, gently taking students through the process of creating finished pictures. Each day you will cover different subjects. You will receive plenty of advice and tips as well as individual tuition — Charles has a wonderfully relaxed manner, guaranteed to put you at your ease and ensure that you have an enjoyable and instructive day.

Sat 21st October
East Anglian Villages in Acrylics

Sun 22nd October
Mountain Scenes in Acrylics

Charles will be demonstrating throughout each day, gently taking students through the process of creating finished pictures. You will receive plenty of advice and tips as well as individual tuition — Charles has a wonderfully relaxed manner, guaranteed to put you at your ease and ensure that you have an enjoyable and instructive day.

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Capturing the Moment, Sketching with Confidence & Brush, Knife, Splatter and Mist
with Tim Fisher

Tim Fisher

Tues 28th & Wed 29th March
Capturing the Moment, Sketching with Confidence

Tim Fisher is a leading artist, tutor and author. He became a professional artist in 2000, following a successful career with a leading US company. Unlock your latent creativity with Tim's insightful approach to drawing and sketching. Learn to use different drawing tools and techniques quickly and confidently to capture fleeting lights and the essential aspect of the subject.

Participating in this workshop will give you sketching skills to change how you see potential subjects both in capturing sketches and transferring this to a finished painting.

Tim's drawing skills have been recently recognised by leading art publisher Search Press who will be releasing his book on Perspective this October as part of the Drawing Masterclass series

Tim Fisher

Tues 3rd & Wed 4th October
Brush, Knife, Splatter and Mist – two-day acrylic workshop

During these two days, Tim will share his techniques and methods working on acrylic art projects to create inviting landscapes and other scenes packed with atmosphere colour and life. Tim’s skill and expertise in working with Acrylics is regularly recognised by leading manufacturers such as Golden, Daler-Rowney and Royal Talens with product reviews. He also in demand by the Leisure Painter writing articles on various techniques using acrylic for the magazine. He also represents them at major art exhibitions such as the Patchings Festival and Art Materials Live where acrylic techniques are demonstrated.

“Paint Flowers in Acrylic”, his first publication for Search Press has been a best seller, full of instruction, tips and step by step projects.

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Teasels in the Mist & Yellow and Michaelmas Daisies
with Jeremy Ford

Jeremy Ford

Sat 24th June
Teasels in the Mist

We'll be covering wet-in-wet techniques, wet-on-dry, and dry-on-dry ways of working. Jeremy will be demonstrating colour-mixing, and colour and tonal contrasts throughout the painting, overcoming common mistakes and problem-solving in watercolour. Finally, we'll look at how presentation of a painting is vitally important, particularly with a view to a sale!

Sun 25th June
Yellow and Michaelmas Daisies

Applying masking fluid initially after the drawing stage, we'll then cover wet-in-wet techniques, including controlled "cauliflowering," spattering and flicking, wet-on-dry, and dry-on-dry ways of working. Colour-mixing, and colour and tonal contrasts throughout the painting is a given, and overcoming common mistakes and problem-solving in watercolour. Looking at how presentation of a painting is vitally important, particularly with a view to an exhibition, and hopefully a sale!

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Mixed Media Seascapes with Texture, and Still Life
with Soraya French

Soraya French

Sat 1st & Sun 2nd April
Mixed Media Seascapes with Texture, and Still Life

The first day will start with a brief introduction on materials and techniques, followed by a demonstration, before the students go on to complete one or more (depending on each individual’s speed of work) paintings. Students can bring their own reference material to work from such as photographs that they have taken and we will have a good supply of fresh flowers. Soraya will give plenty of individual tuition and advice in this friendly but intensive two-day workshop.

During the course of the workshop, we will touch upon, composition, colour, tone light and all related elements to making a good painting.

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Progressing with Pastels
with Margaret Glass

Margaret Glass

Tues 20th & Wed 21st
Progressing with Pastels

There comes a point in painting when one hits a brick wall when trying to achieve the image we see in our minds on to the paper. The techniques learnt have served well but can’t take you to the next step in achieving your desired results. All of us, at what ever stage of mastering our medium, experience this frustration. So this Pastel course with Margaret will help to break down your problems and open up new avenues of thought and some experimentation.

Bring photos of the subject matter that interests you to work on and get the help and encouragement you need.

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East Anglian Landscapes
with Stephen Higton

Stephen Higton

Tues 9th & Wed 10th May 2017
East Anglian Landscapes

Studio will stay open on Tues evening if you want to stay on and paint

Cost £160 including lunches Tea and coffee are available throughout each day
10am—4.30pm approx

This two day course will start with a brief introduction into the world of Stephen Higton followed by:

1 Discussion on materials, oil paint, use of thinners , types of canvas/surface to use,brushes and generally anything to do with painting and questions students may have.
2 How to work with photographs. Compositions and cropping the view.
3 Importance of sketching the view prior to commencing the work.
4 Transferring the image to the canvas.
5 Under painting the canvas to create tonal ranges
6 Step by step demonstration with one on one tuition as the painting progresses.
7 Completing the work with final highlights
8 Framing the work importance of the correct frame for the work.
9 Discussions on the course and reactions from the students.

Stephen encourages everyone to ask questions throughout the two days and take plenty of notes. He normally would supply two photos for you to work from but is happy if you wish to bring your own.

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Experiment with Watercolour
with Sara Johnson

Sara Johnson

Tues 21st & Wed 22nd March 2017
Experiment with Watercolour

Cost £160 including lunches and tea/coffee
10am to 4.30pm approx

The Studio will remain open on Tuesday evening should you wish to carry on painting.

This 2-day workshop aims to help you:
Develop an imaginative approach to watercolour
Create atmosphere, mood & drama in a painting
Exploit elements of chance
Create lively, descriptive paint surfaces

We will look at various ways of laying washes, mark making & methods of creating texture, leading to the completion of a landscape or seascape.

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Capture the Essence of Spring - Expressive Acrylics
with Anna Martin

Anna Martin

Tues 14th & Wed 15th March
Capture the Essence of Spring - Expressive Acrylics

Come and find your expressive free style of painting with artist Anna Martin. She brings a wealth of techniques from painting in different countries on her painting holidays and will encourage this approach in you through her inspiring demonstrations. She will show you how to approach a painting from start to finish and you will learn how to capture the essence of spring through engaging all your senses in an emotional response to the subject matter. She starts each day by getting you into an optimum state for painting and then leads you through the essentials through her sweeping gestural brushwork in her demonstrations and one on one guidance.

So as well as learning basics you will learn how to capture the essence of spring through engaging all your senses in an emotional response to the subject matter. You will also learn about the use of warm and cool colours to create depth and vitality in a painting without getting hung up in unnecessary detail and you will come away with paintings that will forge a new freestyle approach in your painting. The session will focus on the dialogue of spring both in and outdoors weather permitting.

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A Passion for Portraits, Oils or Acrylics & Start with a Still Life, Oils or Acrylics
with Keith Morton

Keith Morton

Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd April
A Passion for Portraits, oils or acrylics

Two days of solid portraiture. You’ll paint two portraits... both from photographs supplied by the tutor. The days start with short demonstrations and continue with individual coaching. This workshop will give anyone new to portraiture a good foundation in the principles of creating a likeness. We'll cover head construction, positioning features accurately, and the ground rules for successful colour usage. The course ... the second day building on the progress made on the first ... will give you a solid foundation for future painting from life.

Tues 17th October
Start with a Still Life, Oils or Acrylics

Keith Morton

On day one we’ll put together a Still Life. It will be a day spent looking at colour and composition, with an accent on how keeping an eye on the tones can give your painting an extra edge of realism (Bright metal objects shine, backgrounds stay in the background, cast shadows have more interest). The tonal aspects of this tutorial will set you up for the next day's Portrait workshop.

Wed 18th October
End with a Portrait, oils or acrylics

On day two we’ll paint a portrait from a live model. The tonal judgements practiced on the previous day will help add a reality and a structure to your painting. With a portrait that means for instance, that eyes stay in their sockets, the tip of a nose doesn't finish in mid-air, hair looks 3-D, (not just 2-D with a texture) and a neck settles comfortably under a chin. This workshop shows how, after you've placed the features accurately, a strong tonal appreciation when you mix colours can add an extra dimension.

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Pet Portraits in any Medium
with Trevor Osborne

Trevor Osborne

Wed 19th & Thurs 20th April 2017
Pet Portraits in any Medium

£160 for two days, incl lunch and tea & coffee etc.
10am - 4.30pm approx

What makes a good pet portrait. An examination of pet portraits to find what makes a successful image. The first day will include exercises in drawing, form and observation with particular reference to eyes. We will have a brief exploration of the important underlying elements: colour, composition, notan, mark making and style as well as understanding the nature of the pet and the relationship between pet and owner. How far from photographic? A look at how little is needed to capture the image and how much should be an interpretation by the artist.

You will produce a pet portrait on the first day from a picture provided by Trevor to allow you to work on these skills.

The second day will have a brief revision of skills and a test eye after which students will work on their own pet portraits. - you will need to bring your own reference material of a very good quality photo for this day. If you are unsure about a picture I can send on an email of it to Trevor prior to the course to check it’s suitability.

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Acrylic and Paper Minis & From Little to Large, acrylic and paper collage
with Sylvia Paul

Sylvia Paul

Tuesday 7th March
Acrylic and Paper Minis

Sylvia Paul created sixty mini canvases for her sixtieth birthday exhibition. In this workshop you can create your own series of minis in collage and acrylic. Ideal for anyone scared of a large blank canvas or a those who like a new challenge. The canvases could be on one theme or use the opportunity to try out several ideas. Still life, landscape, abstract anything you like.

Sylvia Paul

Tues 6th & Wed 7th June
From Little to Large, acrylic and paper collage

A full two days to have a go at using collage and acrylic together. We will be starting with smaller canvases on the first day to get the ideas flowing. On the second day you can try something bigger—as large as you dare! Sylvia will demonstrate on both days and give lots of individual help.

Sat 30th Sept and/or Sun 1st October
Paper and acrylic collage

A workshop for experimenting with collage and acrylic. Sylvia will demonstrate her technique of working in layers with paper collage and acrylic then you can have a go yourself with lots of help if required. Bring your own ideas and make it personal

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Gardens and Flowers in Mixed Media – Exploring Patterns and Colour
with Tessa Pearson

Tessa Pearson

Tues 11th & Wed 12th July
Gardens and Flowers in Mixed Media – Exploring patterns and colour

Be inspired to draw and paint in the garden which will be full of gorgeous colour and textures, using watercolour, inks, pastels and acrylics on paper and in your sketchbooks to create lively exciting mixed media pieces.

Following lots of demonstrations you can experiment with different media in various combinations beginning with small studies and working up to a finished painting or just filling your sketchbook.

Tessa’s plan is to work outside initially (weather permitting) in sketchbooks, and/or from vases of flowers in the studio and then to transfer to the studio for bigger, more worked pieces. She knows people are scared to work outside - she will be happy to change your mind!

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An Introduction to Printmaking and Mixed Media
with Laura Reiter

Laura Reiter

Sat 18th & Sun 19th November
An Introduction to Printmaking and Mixed Media

Printmaking is essentially the transferring of images from one surface to another.

During the course students will be introduced to simple printing (block printing) linocut and monoprints together with some media techniques. During the two days, students will be supported and encouraged to produce colourful and exciting images.

Laura will also be running her own course in August here – Watercolour Beginnings to Abstracted Mixed Media Landscape. Contact her directly for details; 0208 8668715, 07973 389015 or

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Atmospheric Acrylic Landscapes
with Fraser Scarfe

Fraser Scarfe

Tues 23rd & Wed 24th May
Atmospheric Acrylic Landscapes

Fraser will lead with a demonstration of how he works and some of the topics that he will be covering. This will include covering clouds and skies and looking at ways of creating realistic and atmospheric cloud effects. This will be followed by a brief look at composition and how to arrange and construct an atmospheric landscape. This will lead on to starting a larger painting using these ideas and techniques which would be completed on the second day

Please bring a landscape photo or painting that inspires you to be used on the afternoon of the second day. Fraser is keen that you can also paint your own projects as well as his to do something that is personal to you.

Fraser is quite happy if you would prefer to work entirely on your own source material. He will be around to offer advice and one to one assistance throughout the two days, finishing up with an informal critique at the end of the course.

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Introduction to iPad Painting
with Diana Seidl

Diana Seidl

Tues 27th June
Introduction to iPad painting

Do come along to this exciting course on Drawing and Painting on the iPad; you will be drawing within 30mins of starting the course. The technology will be explained simply giving access to a wide range of possibilities for development of your artistic and creative skills. The iPad is the most wonderful tool for all artists and designers and is the most marvellous adjunct in the creative process. After showing all the basic techniques where everything will be fully explained slowly and carefully you will be guided through making a still life picture that can be printed when you get home.

You will need to have an iPad for the course, a simple stylus, obtainable from WHSmith (£3.99) and a note book. Diana will bring some printed notes with her.

You will also need to have down loaded the app ArtRage £3.99 from the app store, before coming on the course.

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Impressionist Oil Landscapes and Seascapes
with John Shave

John Shave

Sat 16th & Sun 17th September
Impressionist Oil Landscapes and Seascapes

This course is designed to help you interpret different land and seascapes in an impressionist way.

Regular demonstrations will show you how to apply and blend the paint and mix colour, with ideas on how to hold and use the brush to interpret nature.

Through discussions and demonstration you will develop your own approach to painting skies and water, distance and landscape at various times of the day, as well as how to paint sunlight and shadow. There will be plenty of help and one to one tuition throughout the two days.

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Wet into Wet Watercolour
with David Webb

David Webb

Tues 1st & Wed 2nd
Wet into Wet Watercolour

Escape from the constraints of overworking and obsession with tiny details! The wet-in-wet technique encourages a loose approach to this lively medium, leading to fresh, clean watercolours full of light.

David’s workshops are not of the step-by-step type, as he prefers to teach the key skills to paint a variety of subjects, so allowing students to develop their own individual style.

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Getting the Most from Acrylic Inks
with Sue Williams

Sue Williams

Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th September
Getting the Most from Acrylic Inks

This workshop is ideal for beginners and more experienced artists. We will explore the bold colours and textural effects of the inks. Acrylic Inks can be used realistically or can help you to move toward a more abstract style of painting.

Sue will bring more Acrylic ink colours, granulating medium, texture paste and metallic colours for you to try.

Demonstrations will show you how to get the most from the inks.

Sue will bring reference photos to work from, and you may photograph the photos you are working from to be able to continue the painting at home.

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The Spirit in the Mass – from Bomberg to the Present
with Nat Young

Nat Young

Tues 21st And Wed 22nd November
The Spirit in the Mass – from Bomberg to the Present

Nat will attempt to instil an understanding of 'the spirit in the mass' as advocated by David Bomberg and his followers. This hopefully will give a deeper meaning to painting. It should help us all to be able to create more exciting and interesting paintings than simply an image of a subject. Although this is a course for more experienced painters all are welcome. Although the course will primarily be acrylics and watercolours, any medium is acceptable-anything in fact.

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